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Dear Mr. Graham Jones MP 4 Lancashire… could run to a 5 year jail term or an unlimited fine

Dear Mr. Graham jones MP 4 Lancashire...

No warning signs yet n still plenty red tape abounds n surrounds the old Cocker/ Nipa site owned by Mr. Arthur Morgan?


RE: cocker/ nipa sire – nook lane‏ To see messages related to this one, group messages by conversation. 15:33 Reply  ▼  Charity Sweet To, june Hotmail Active View VID 20120824 00000 Play video bollocks to wikileaks: war chemicals leak 2012 – s.o.s.- Oswaldtwistle part 1 00:08:05 Added on 26/08/2012 175 views Dear Sir: […]

Oswaldtwistle NEEDs YOU!

MP confirms EA Public Admission of WAR CHEMICALS – Oswaldtwistle

Below is the response to your video that I have received; 28 August 2012 15:11 Thanks Graham Although Blackley’s Waste has now been removed from the site, sadly it’s not the end of the Environment Agency’s or other regulatory organisations involvement here at Nook lane. The site remains a former chemical works and represents a […]

TCP? S.O.S. Anyone?

Chris Aspinall Strong smell of TCP bottom of new lane.. anybody else had strange smells from similar area..? 9 hours ago via Mobile Ian Walker smelt that when i drove past this morning. maybe due to it being a bit colder and damp this morning 5 hours ago Chris Aspinall and mine was this aft..seems […]

Facebook: Tony Blair… Tony Bliar… EAT SHIT – YOU ARE A WAR CIMINAL!

Jason Munn Kitkat Unlike · · Share · about an hour ago via Mobile· You, Jason Munn and 4 others like this. 1 share Maryanne Akacharitysweet i always loved banksy… i met him once when he was spending some time in parliament square with our mate brian – he’s a good soul unlike mark wallinger […]



Maryanne Akacharitysweet I have recently moved to the north of england where, unknown to me, the old cocker/nipa war chemical factory site remains above old coal mine shafts. 8 barrels of agent orange were made and 3 have gone missing… probably down the coal mine shafts along with many other known and unknown war chemicals […]