Facebook: Tony Blair… Tony Bliar… EAT SHIT – YOU ARE A WAR CIMINAL!

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      • Maryanne Akacharitysweet

        i always loved banksy… i met him once when he was spending some time in parliament square with our mate brian – he’s a good soul unlike mark wallinger who never spent any long lonely nights with brian and took all the credit and the turne

        r prize for Brians exhibition that he copied and claimed as his own work – state britain… that would be the same mark that brian called out to from his hospital bed, with terminal cancer, 4 times… mark ignored him from the next bed over where he was licking the ass of an art critic… i love banksy – he spent real time with brian and gave him three works of art that sat outside parliament pissing them right off for many many years until May 23, 2006 and an illegal dawn raid/seizure without any law or powers of seizure under socpa 2005 sec 132 – 138, costing £111,000.00, ordered by tony blair and passed down to sir ian blair – corrupt then chief of met nicked the lot. Art theft – MET police baffled lol. Upon first viewing by Tony Bliar it was mentioned to sir dick who was running tate britain at that time, “I thought we got rid of that” regarding brians westmintster UN heart gallery. Sir ain noted in his book there was a plan including both houses and black rod to get rid of brian and banksy’s art from parliament square where the people of world could clearly see brian’s message which banksy more that supported – STOP KILLING KIDS. Banksy is true diamond of a guy n wallinger is a wanker :op (Thought I would devulge a bit of banksy’s and London’s unknown history) x
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  • I have recently moved to the north of england where, unknown to me, the old cocker/nipa war chemical factory site remains above old coal mine shafts. 8 barrels of agent orange were made and 3 have gone missing… probably down the coal mine shafts along with many other known and unknown war chemicals and unknown toxic shit that was buried beneath site, with and without permission of, and below surrounding ‘nature reserve’ – piss take.

    The council and environ’menta’l agency have been allowing this land to be used for an illegal tip since 2009 when factory land sealed and declared chemically contaminated 2006 – 3 years grace only before council lifted contamination declaration and declared on council minutes that they would not be financially liable. what was supposed to be sealed for at least twenty years (should be forever in my mind), has been opened up, dug up, opened up, opened up, churned over…. and everyone is ok that the smell of TCP is …See more

    bollocks 2 wikileaks – war chemical leak – Oswaldtwistle 2012


    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CesMoRP_lz0&feature=youtu.be the EA needs to turn the local book luminous green to check if the chemically contaminated water is flowing into the local brook? neg…

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