I have recently moved to the north of england where, unknown to me, the old cocker/nipa war chemical factory site remains above old coal mine shafts. 8 barrels of agent orange were made and 3 have gone missing… probably down the coal mine shafts along with many other known and unknown war chemicals and unknown toxic shit that was buried beneath site, with and without permission of, and below surrounding ‘nature reserve’ – piss take.The council and environ’menta’l agency have been allowing this land to be used for an illegal tip since 2009 when factory land sealed and declared chemically contaminated 2006 – 3 years grace only before council lifted contamination declaration and declared on council minutes that they would not be financially liable. what was supposed to be sealed for at least twenty years (should be forever in my mind), has been opened up, dug up, opened up, opened up, churned over…. and everyone is ok that the smell of TCP is now wafting free in the community again.
The water from that site that now very obviously flows over the land and thru the land into the local water table has some black shit in it and the water BURNS SKIN IMMEDIATELY ON CONTACT. The smell in the air on site burns the lips. The council, taking the complete piss, even built a nature reserve around and over part of this buried lethal treasure it to HIDE THEIR CASH COW.

The locals found out due the fly problem caused by organic trash that was illegally moved to oswaldtwistle, from wigan, with EA and council’s blessing – moved in bad faith and tagged as plastic only. Flies? Organic waste? bollocks. they all new it was household mixed with medical waste as locals took pictures and videos; now it is chemically contaminated waste. Ea was forced to move said rubbish on and no one acknowledged that this waste is now chemically contaminated?

Soil/ water/ air chemically contaminated in oswaldtwistle – not one sign on this poxy site saying private land danger hazard… bio hazard!!! Nothing? Not one sign? KIds have been seen playin on this site over the summer.

But the worst thing is the community apathy – the locals don’t give a shit now the rubbish and flies have been moved on cuz that what council and media and ea say is gospel – they believe what they are told to believe is the truth????????? Here no evil, see no evil, speak no evil – talk flyshit – ignore war chemical spill/catastrophe. “It’s always been this way” is the apathy they portray… it drives me spare.

watch the video of the site please…
bollocks 2 wikileaks – war chemical leak – Oswaldtwistle 2012 the EA needs to turn…See more

bollocks 2 wikileaks – war chemical leak – Oswaldtwistle 2012

oswaldtwistlesoswarchemicals.wordpress.com the EA needs to turn the local book lumino

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