inspiring… Peace is Possible… xox


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    • Beau Nafyde it’s a little bit, umm, KONY 2012 style lol
    • Lucia Fiero I have been having an effect on my friends, and they have been having an effect on me. It has been very a positive and progressive influence all around. Just beware of the MSM’s influence over the discussion. MSM often drives the discussion, by telling the People what they should be in a snit about. MSM serves the interests of the 1% not of the 99%.
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    • Robert Brenchley We’re the ones who can change things. If there’s enough of us, and we’re persistent.
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    • Stuart McNair I have a sneaky feeling that this is why the government are trying to introduce communications bills because people are connected and demanding truth and justice. This is what I think they misinterpret as terrorism and they themselves are in fear from their own truth. Truth fears no questions.
    • Maryanne Akacharitysweet personally i think there is no honour amongst thieves and these lot will all turn on each other cuz there are far too many of us and too may questions that must be answered for to the people. united we stand. peace is possible. of course idiots will attempt to divert the stream and ebb its flow – misidrect it or plain old dam it. We are evolving and that just the way it is – they cant stop us and they cant control us and they sure as hell fear us because they cant understand us or control our creative endeavours in opposition of their destructive bollocks. the corrupt fools in power are people and nowt queer as folk; they fear what they don’t understand and hate what they fear – it’s bollocks really. you cant hide a light with the dark. The corrupt will fall as Rome once did and life will go on… we will pick up the pieces and carry on. And the people must take a united peaceful stand globally in order for this to happen. peace is possible – pass it on. let’s unite :o) xox

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