cocker/NIPA chemical factory/contaminated land site – very odd video: why such a strong negative reaction?

  • Rather a strong negative response from who I thought was going to be a knight in shining armour coming to help clear the rubbish that caused the flies that harrased the community that was brought over from Wigan to Oswaldtwistle courtesy of Blakely’s Waste managemant…. this truck clearly was not Blakely’s so it caught my attention… why such a strong negative reaction?

    former cocker/NIPA chemical factory site where ‘household’ rubbish purpoting to be plastic has been buried in a known toxic site unearthing all sorts of chem…

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    Why is Arthur Morgan digging up God only knows what , only at night and why did he personally have aggregate delivered to this site? I thought Blakely’s brought and blakely’s buried and blakely’s took away what was left on top of the ground – job done… what’s goin on?

    as ordered by who on above notice? ARTHUR?


    Hi everyone,Please see our latest statement below:We are pleased to announce that today (Friday 17 August) we completed the removal of the waste bales from the site at Nook Lane, with the co-operation of the Environment Agency and Hyndburn Council.

    We would again like to thank the people of Oswaldtwistle for their patience while this work was carried out.Blakeley’s Waste Management regrets its involvement in this incident and is continuing to take legal action against the landlord of the site.


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