Who is Andrea Davidson? BOLLOCKS/English/British/European democracy – no great wonder Oswaldtwistle has war chemicals in the air… FREE JULIAN ASSANGE?

William Hague

Who is Andrea Davidson?

Martin Summers – scads – missing nukes – YouTube

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mznxMko8RII23 Mar 2012 – 9 min – Uploaded by reinvestigate911org
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Martin Summers talks at the SCADs conference – YouTube

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yw6KG-aCCtE17 Oct 2011 – 13 min – Uploaded by reinvestigate911org
Martin Summers, lifelong activist and Oxford PPE graduate with many Martin Summers – scads – missing




Pass this website on to your friends the more people who know the safer I am

Thanks, also please sign my petition

In a new ‘Arms to Iraq’ scandal Judge John Burgess sitting in private issued a Court Order which in effect prevents me from even buying a loaf of bread or food for my cat and specifically prohibits me from paying for any legal help to challenge the Court Order he made. The evidence Judge Burgess relied on was supplied in a witness statement made by Derby Police Officer DC Stephen William Winnard and Authorised by Chief Superintendent Anthony Blockley. This statement is littered with obvious falsehoods and fabrications.


Back in 1989 whilst I was investigating covert arms shipments concurrently with an investigation into the International Pedophile Network I was given documents proving the then Conservative Government were selling arms to Iraq. On instructions I went to see Neil Kinnock at his home and he put me in touch with Alan Rodgers. From this first meeting I was pivoted into the forefront of exposing ‘arms to Iraq’.


I went on to be an intelligence advisor to the Trade and Industry Select Committee on ‘Arms to Iraq’. Then gave evidence to Lord Justice Scott and a written submission which is kept in a secret room along with other evidence given in secret, but now seized by the Derby Police. I also worked with Tony Blair who was then shadow Home Secretary exposing the Pedophile Network within the Police and high places. Exposing illicit arms deals and highly placed pedophiles is very dangerous work and when I was eventually able to retire from front line involvement I sold my home and kept my whereabouts and identity as secure as I could without being given a new identity to protect me.


On the 13th of January, I was alone in my flat and asleep when the Derby Police headed by DC Stephen Winnard raided my flat in North Wales with 12 other male officers executing a warrant obtained under Proceeds of Crime Act. At the same time they raided the flat downstairs, occupied by DW a man with Top Secret Clearance, and also the communal areas of the property. They seized almost every document and everything of value from myself and DW who has never been interviewed or spoken to by the Derby Police. Amongst their trove they seized documents specifically excluded, letters from my solicitors, medical details about my illness, journalistic material and further to this a large amount of documents, note books, discs, and tapes on the illicit arms trade and ‘Arms to Iraq’ plus letters from Gordon Brown and other Labour politicians.


This warrant was obtained from Judge Burgess, the same Crown Court Judge who 3 months later was to issue a restraint order against me. The apparent grounds for issuing the warrant was that I had provided a client, calling himself Robin Jacob, with a mailing address at MAOS Mail services in Hyde, Cheshire and I had dealt with his mail and that Robin Jacob had committed an International Fraud through his company Regal and Archer which was formed by Turner and Little.

After spending about 9 hours putting all my property and that of DW into cardboard boxes, and having searched the property for drugs and cash with a sniffer dog, I was finally allowed to get dressed so that I could be arrested and taken into custody. They arrested me for International fraud in 2007 and 2008 telling my duty solicitor I was the mastermind. I was deposited back home that night at about 8 pm to a devastated house. It was like being raped and burgled but unable to go to the Police, because it was the Police.


Shocked I contacted a former member of the Trade and Industry Select Committee now in the Lords. Lord Douglas Hoyle was astounded by what had happened and concluded that it must be political. There was no way that the seizure of documents on arms to Iraq in an alleged fraud case covering 2007 and 2008 could be legitimate.

After writing a letter to Gordon Brown I arranged with Lord Hoyle to have this letter given directly to The Prime Minister so as to advise him about the stolen documents. Lord Hoyle later confirmed he had personally passed my letter directly to Gordon Brown and that if Gordon Brown wanted more information he would ask for it through him.


Two months later on the 16th of April Judge Burgess made a Restraint Order against me relying on evidence from the witness statement of DC Stephen Winnard. This Restraint Order prohibits me from spending my own money, allowing me only to spend money received from State Benefits. But DC Winnard a financial investigator accredited by the Director of National Policing Improvement Agency knew that I was not in receipt of any State Benefits.

Because of the Statement made by DC Stephen Winnard with the signed approval of Chief Superintendent Anthony Blockley using the power invested in Judge john Burgess by the Court, they have together made it illegal for me to buy a loaf of bread or buy food for my cat and if I do I can be fined or imprisoned for Contempt of Court. This is inhuman and degrading treatment against a vulnerable older lady, who they have already mentally tortured for 3 months, making unsubstantiated allegations that I am the mastermind behind this international fraud and threatening to confiscate my only home as the proceeds of crime. If it were not for the ‘Arms to Iraq’ documents it would make no sense at all, although some victims believe the government is trying to protect the real fraudsters. I have not been charged with this offence, but after writing this there may be an anxious to silence me.


The Derby Police in a court document name the two companies involved Regal and Archer LLC and Quantum Holdings Ltd with bank accounts in Cyprus claiming I control these companies. They also claim the fraud is about £1.5 million. From what they say and write it would appear this is the sum of their knowledge about massive frauds of multiple millions covering the globe

What makes their ignorance not credible is that details about the massive fraud are all over the Net. Anyone with a computer can discover that Regal and Archer and Quantum Holdings Ltd are just middle companies in a huge list of companies set-up by an international group of multi million dollars fraudsters who were operating months after my arrest through a company called Heritage Benefits Financial Limited (HBF) on April the 1st AMF the regulatory and oversight body for Québec’s financial sector warned investors not to invest in HBF. HBF is a company directly linked to Regal and Archer.


If you go onto ComplaintsBoard.com and FraudNet.info” and numerous other sites you can read the complaints of victims from 2004 to April 2010. The victims give a huge amount of detail, names fax and telephone numbers and addresses. Regal and Archer and Quantum Holdings are just links in a chain I have looked at another 20 companies used by the same Gang and there are more. This is a massive ongoing fraud the gang simply ditch a company when it becomes troublesome and move on. You would have to be the worst detective in the world to arrest an older lady of limited means living in a terraced house in a small village in North Wales as the Mastermind behind this multi million pound international ongoing Fraud. But that suspiciously is what the Derby police have done


The whereabouts of my arms to Iraq documents together with all the rest of my property are unknown to me. All I can do is rely on you the reader to protect me from this inhuman and degrading treatment which appears to be sanctioned at a high level.

Visit my website to see supporting documents and more information


1. Forwarding this to your address book and promote awareness of my plight
2. Contact me at tara @ afbio.co.uk and leave your e-mail so I can keep you updated about what happens
3. Find me on facebook search for TARA A DAVISON and join my group
4. E-mail or forward this to Judge John Burgess’s assistant and tell judge burgess what you think caroline.atkins@hmcourt-service.gsi.gov.uk
5. Talk about it to your friends, write on your blogs
6. Telephone DC Stephen Winnard Derby Police 0345 123 33 33
7. E-mail Chris Greyling Shadow Home Secretary at office@epsomconservatives.com
8. E-mail Chris Huhne Liberal Democrat Shadow Home Secretary chris@chrishuhne.org.uk



More Web Pages, videos and tapes to come shortly – Please return soon


House of Lords

Gordon Brown

Derby Police

Fraud Victims & Investigation

Arms to Iraq Documents

Contact Me



Background to the Report


Alison Taylor worked for Gwynedd County Council in senior childcare posts from 1976 to 1987.

In 1987, she was dismissed after breaking ranks and informing the police of her concerns about the neglect and abuse of children in care.  She was vilified and condemned at every turn, and despite making innumerable approaches to the Welsh Office, the Department of Health in London, the Home Office, various Home Secretaries and Ministers of Health, and Margaret Thatcher, repeatedly encountered apathy and almost insurmountable obstacles.

The first breakthrough came in 1991, when HTV, The Independent, and Private Eye took the brave decision to bring the matter into the open.  Between 1991 and 1993, North Wales Police mounted a huge retrospective investigation and subsequently referred some 800 allegations to the Crown Prosecutions Service.  Fewer than 3% of these referrals proceeded to trial, much to the dismay and mystification of many of the alleged victims and of the adults who knew the extent and nature of the alleged abuse.

The North Wales Child Abuse Tribunal of Inquiry was announced in summer 1996 by William Hague, then Secretary of State for Wales.  The announcement followed more than a decade of abuse allegations, counter allegations, police investigations, the conviction of a handful of former social workers, the broken promise of a public inquiry, the suppression of at least one damning report on abuse in children’s homes in North Wales, and mounting public and political concern.

The Inquiry, led by Sir Ronald Waterhouse, opened in September 1996 and closed in May 1998.
  Robin Pearce One reason why the CIA felt it necessary to frame Julian Assange with rape is because he exposed the vile bloodthirsty behaviour of this US Apache crew who behaved like terrorists. You Mr Hague are a puppet of the USA. You are a disgrace refusing him safe passage to Equador.


Read more: http://newsfeed.time.com/2012/06/29/britain-refuses-to-extradite-u-s-sex-crimes-suspect-on-human-rights-grounds/#ixzz23itBkWN6


Julian Assange’s extradition case isn’t the only one generating headlines—and ou…See more
William Hague shared a link.
I am delighted that the Hungarian government have demonstrated leadership and vision in hosting the Budapest Conference on Cyberspace in October 2012 to take forward the London Agenda to build a secure, resilient, open and trusted global digital environment. Read my full statement on the Budapest Conference website.
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    • Lalita Jadia I Got a Mail form Nokia Price awards, and for these all they given the addres of your office for price collection is it possiable things or not.
    • Jason Russell a true professional politician – only got private sector work once he left parliament…
    • Lalita Jadia please give me information for this
    • Fireicer Electron Cooper W Hague. You dont stand a chance, the real brains of Cyberspace are there creators, developers, thinkers and contributors. Opps there not on any goverments side. We are legion, we are WikiLeaks, We are the people, the hackers, the inventors, the reason there are security risks in the first place. Only we can fix it so you dont stand a chanrce. You cant shoot us, you cant find us, you could not even understand the ethics involved. If you did you would not be using technology as you know it oh wait you have to because thats what the people use. Put simply Mr W Hague, your going down, you made a mistake in J Assanges case. No one extrodites someone and withdraws his freedom for a broken condom on a case where the acusations are to be kept silent even from the accused.
    • Jeremy Millar what a wonderful and robust response to mr hague. makes me proud.
    • Jem Cairney hahaha British people are amazing
    • Jon Askill I used to really respect you Mr Hague, but i’m sorry to say that you are as phony as the rest of the cardboard cutouts and have made me ashamed to be British. Shame on you.
    • Raquel Rodriquez WHY PINOCHET WAS ALLOUD TO RETURN FREE TO HIS COUNTRY AND ASSANGE IS HAUNTED DOWN BECAUSE HE TELL THE TRUE !!!!!!! In 1998, Pinochet, who still had much influence in Chile, travelled to the United Kingdom for medical treatment — allegations have been made that he was also there to negotiate arms contracts.[4] While there, he was arrested on 17 October 1998 under an international arrest warrant issued by judge Baltasar Garzón of Spain,[5] and was placed under house arrest: initially in the clinic where he had just undergone back surgery, and later in a rented house. The charges included 94 counts of torture of Spanish citizens, the 1975 assassination of Spanish diplomat Carmelo Soria, and one count of conspiracy to commit torture — allegations of abuses had been made numerous times before his arrest, including since the beginning of his rule, but never acted upon. Still struggling with the conditions set by the difficult transition to democracy, the Chilean government of the Concertación, then headed by President Eduardo Frei Ruiz-Tagle, opposed his arrest, extradition to Spain, and trial.
      There was a hard-fought 16-month legal battle in the House of Lords, the then highest court of the United Kingdom.[6] Pinochet claimed immunity from prosecution as a former head of state under the State Immunity Act 1978. This was rejected, as the Lords decreed that some international crimes, such as torture, could not be protected by former head-of-state immunity.[7] The Lords, however, decided in March 1999 that Pinochet could only be prosecuted for crimes committed after 1988, the date during which the United Kingdom implemented legislation for the United Nations Convention Against Torture in the Criminal Justice Act 1988.[7][8] This invalidated most, but not all, of the charges against him; but the outcome was that extradition could proceed. In April 1999, former UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and former US President George H. W. Bush called upon the British government to release Pinochet.[9][10] They urged that Pinochet be allowed to return to his homeland rather than be forced to go to Spain.
    • Nathan Zion The British people are waking up Mr William Plague! I suggest you do to. Free Assange 🙂
    • Robin Pearce This page is one mass of smarmy photo opportunities showing that Mr Hague isn’t dealing with the really big issue that our country & our democracy is slowly being destroyed by the EUSSR


      http://www.ukipmeps.org/ ► European Parliament, Strasbourg-19 January 2011 ► Spe…See more
    • Janine Hammond Mr Rajab Bahrain’i political opposition activist has been sentenced to three years in prison for calling for democracy, free speach and equality. Yet the government controlled BBC are focusing on Pussy Riot those stupid young Russian women.
    • Jonathan Anderson Sir, Hague, May I respectfully submit my opinion that history has decidedly and unfortunately put you on the spot. The threat to invade the Ecuadorian embassy was simply unwise and foolish. I thought as a nation with core values of peace and stability, you protected the interest of law and justice and fought against Terrorism. According to your recent communication, it seems you intently and willfully plan engaging in it’s creation and in the practice of intimidation. Will your office be the terrorist actor that invades and humiliates Ecuador and expose the world your true double-face nature? I sure hope you don’t hold the world or it’s youth in contempt because the world will hold indignation along with the lowest regards for your existence. Please respect the right of other nations to grant asylum to whom they wish and provide safe passage to Mr. Assange. Thanking-You for your listening. Good Day Sir.
    • Liam Kevin Paolo Barrell This comment thread literally should be used as a list of people who should be put down. Never seen a bigger bunch of uninformed, pretentious mongs.
    • Alan Knownas Anomias william your a dick you will not have safe passage in any country, leave assange alone. one day you will all be put up in front of a public court and sentenced for crimes against humanity. peace
    • Sam Austin I think that we should rename your cabinet position ‘secretary of agressive coercian of foreign states’. It’s a bit of a mouthful, I know, but more realistic.
    • Janine Hammond come on Liam, please feel free to inform us pretentious mongs and enlighten us on where we have been uninformed. As you responded to our comments so intelligently.
    • ManBear Pig Would be nice if you understood international law. Leave Assange alone – idiota!
    • Polly Conroy Is it time for our revolution yet? Surely it must come soon.
    • Janine Hammond Oh Mr Hague knows about international got more to do with ignoring it just like our and for our American buddies.
    • Fraser Eldin We are being urged to distract ourselves from the serious world events to the prison sentence of three women who desecrated a public place of worship in contravention of the law of that land. Video evidence the women took themselves confirms their role in this so where is the problem? Madonna speaks out for their rights we are told. Meanwhile aircraft drones from Madonna’s country hover over suspects in Afghanistan murdering them at a politician’s request without trial, judge or jury. Any male in proximity is according to US rules of engagement ‘a legitimate target’ even if he is just simply talking to the ‘suspect’. Closer to Madonna’s home, peope have been held in Gunatanamo bay since 2003 also with no hope of trial that will either convict them fairly with evidence or release them. Does this sound like the justice that you claim to fight for Mr Hague? Let’s examine your actions which speak louder than words. You used to report fairly on the war in Syria yet since meeting with Mrs Clinton months ago your views have become remarkably one-sided. You now talk of storming an embassy to capture a man who has done nothing wrong to you or me but seeks only to expose secrets which have no place in a free and open democratic society which you claim to champion not just here but in other countries as well. Going around like this threatening other countries, supporting and financing armed groups linked to terrorism, refusing to speak out against the true injustice of people being held by our allies without trial and refusing to pressure our allies to hand over their own citizens to face justice for crimes committed in Iraq: these are the worst things a foreign secretary could do to improve our safety at home and abroad. I urge you to examine your conscience and consider seriously the prospect of resignation before any further damage is done.
    • Mark Fisher Does William Hague have a conscience ? http://www.cassiopaea.com/cassiopaea/psychopath.htm


      Also, read Cleckley’s speculations on what was “really wrong” with thes…See more
      23 hours ago · Like
    • Max Tasker America’s Bald Lapdog
      22 hours ago · Like · 6
    • Peter Pwkelleher ‎@ Fraser Eldin, you confuse law with justice. not the same thing
      21 hours ago via Mobile · Like · 2
    • Katie Zinno If our forefathers were to resuscitate, they would just die again after seeing the mess that the US and Britain have become. ):
      20 hours ago via Mobile · Like · 1
    • Elizabeth Buffy Maliphant Does the little golem twerp even read this page? Has his secretary told him he has one? Is the sock puppet trying to be ‘trendy’??? Does it make him ‘down with the kids’? Small man syndrome making Britain look as daft as he is. Would have LOVED to see him try THESE tactics on the American Embassy!! THIS is the kind of politician representing OUR country? Not in MY name. The man oozes sleaze, along with the rest of the corrupt government. Time for change on a global scale. The fraudulent bankers, the governments for sale and the irresponsible pharmaceutical, oil and gas industries. Pandering to the wishes of those with MORE money than them, whilst taking away the freedoms and liberties of the workers…I’m disgusted and NOT proud of this whole governmental regime of bullying tactics and downright, financially maintained, disrespect of its own peoples and their wishes! What a can of worms you have opened you foolish little man.
      19 hours ago · Like · 7
    • Sarah Chalk Your days are numbered little man 🙂
      19 hours ago · Like
    • Luc TonnerreArticle 9. The host nation may at any time and for any reason declare a particular member of the diplomatic staff to be persona non grata. The sending state must recall this person within a reasonable period of time, or otherwise this person may lose their diplomatic immunity.Article 22. The premises of a diplomatic mission, such as an embassy, are inviolate and must not be entered by the host country except by permission of the head of the mission. Furthermore, the host country must protect the mission from intrusion or damage. The host country must never search the premises, nor seize its documents or property. Article 30 extends this provision to the private residence of the diplomats.Article 27. The host country must permit and protect free communication between the diplomats of the mission and their home country. A diplomatic bag must never be opened even on suspicion of abuse. A diplomatic courier must never be arrested or detained.Article 29. Diplomats must not be liable to any form of arrest or detention. They are immune from civil or criminal prosecution, though the sending country may waive this right under Article 32. Under Article 34, they are exempt from most taxes, and under Article 36 they are exempt from most customs duties.Article 31.1c Actions not covered by diplomatic immunity: professional activity outside diplomat’s official functions.Article 37. The family members of a diplomat that are living in the host country enjoy most of the same protections as the diplomats themselves.
      19 hours ago · Like · 2
    • David Sutherland You baldy gremlin!
      18 hours ago via Mobile · Like
    • 18 hours ago via Mobile · Like
    • Brian Harvey Remove Hague for abuse of Office, and putting every British national abroad at risk. so much for the Foreign secretary.
      17 hours ago · Like · 3
    • Alexandre AmiotHey man! Is it true that you don’t accept the principles of diplomatic asylum??? That’s bad man! That’s very bad! That means that it leaves the UK embassies around the world open to local police of army intervention!!! Do you understand that this is what it entails???I’m sure that another kind of agreement can be reached with Ecuador! Wtf man!? Could you please retract your position, it’s bad for all the historical advances made in the field of diplomacy and peace keeping worldwide.Sincerely and hopefully, a citizen of Canada
      17 hours ago · Edited · Unlike · 6
    • Tony DeeThe men and women of these islands are seeing through the sham they call democracy that enables us only a vote for a representative at election time.It is clear that direct democracy is now possible and that we no longer need these figure heads who usually have self interest and are known to be lining their own pockets with things like owning shares in companies like G4S which is huge…Who needs lobbying when they are actually on the payroll (or their families) They are ultimately corruptible and a system where we can vote on every piece of legislation directly is more than possible with a way of checking our votes retrospectively.Democracy means essentially rule of the people which is exactly what we don’t have. All major party’s have sold us out and all major parties are in power right now as they all vote on legislation or have at least the opportunity which is more than we have.Due to corruption those in control are the paymasters of the politicians (those who control the flow of money, or shall I say debt)See fractional reserve banking. Politics is banking by other means!
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    • Skelly Heman http://www.wikileaks.org/< Hey Hague 🙂 Know this miiiight sound crazy but there’s stuff about you in here!


      WikiLeaks released the UK government database of all 1,841,177 UK post codes tog…See more
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    • Joan Ferrer Foolish, but brilliant Mr. Hague. It just confirms the unfortunate direction taken by GB and its government a long while ago, enforced via the Pinochet affaire. Today most of the world stands proudly behind Ecuador and Mr. Assange.
      9 hours ago · Edited · Unlike · 2
    • Robin Pearce Free advice for EU citizens on how to come here & help yourselves to our savings. Britain the free for all. No need to go into little old ladies houses & rob them of their life savings. Just come to the UK & go to your nearest DSS office.
      Dear Mr Hague,
      You need to review our relationship with the EU.
      As follows.. We need to get out of the EU.
      Here’s an example why;
      My friend’s Polish mother has been here for just a year. So now she is entiitled to get her £120 a month Polish pension made up out of our taxes to the normal UK pension level even though she’s never paid a penny towards our National Insurance scheme !
      Yet we are told we have to work to 70 & pay more contributions…
      Q] For who?
      A] East Europeans we don’t have the space, jobs or housing for !


      If you are legally working and appropriately registered, and have been registere…See more
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    • Sam Austin Nice one, look what you did. http://www.france24.com/en/20120817-russia-issues-warning-britain-over-assange


      AFP – Russia on Friday warned Britain against violating fundamental diplomatic p…See more
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    • Dali Bud snol·ly·gos·ter (sn l -g s t r). n. Slang. One, especially a politician, who is guided by personal advantage rather than by consistent, respectable principles.
      about an hour ago · Unlike · 1
    • Diego Aurélio Cotrim Ramires Worry not about Hague, he’s but a baldnaked puppet. One must however be aware of its puppeteer, that is.
      22 minutes ago · Unlike · 1
    • Maryanne Akacharitysweet you sir… are a B*TCH


      Nigel Farage says EU president Herman van Rompuy has the charisma of a damp rag …See more
      • Robin Pearce One reason why the CIA felt it necessary to frame Julian Assange with rape is because he exposed the vile bloodthirsty behaviour of this US Apache crew who behaved like terrorists. You Mr Hague are a puppet of the USA. You are a disgrace refusing him safe passage to Equador.


        This Wikileaks footage shows Reuters journalist Namir Noor-Elden and her driver …See more
        Yesterday at 08:13 · Unlike · 10
        • James MacKinnon Dear Mr Hague… As a former member of the British Armed Forces I not-so-respectfully request that yourself, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, Nick Clegg, David Cameron and every other politician responsible for allowing the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan to continue hand yourselves into the nearest Iraqi or Afghan embassy for extradition to the Middle East. You will be subject to interrogation techniques such as waterboarding, white noise and stress positions to name but a few. after seven or so years you will be put on trial in secret and given a token defence provided by the Afghan government. You will be found guilty as this is what we have already decided, whether you like it or not. British foreign policy is a disgrace and you all need to be arrested for breaking international law by invading Iraq and Afghanistan against UN law, Iraq is now a much less safe place to live after the removal of Saddam Hussain and now a breeding ground of hate, terrorism and sectarian violence, the same can be said about Afghanistan. The blood of uncountable civilians is now on your hands as the policy of acceptable casualties of war continues to be put into effect, the blood of many British soldiers is on your hands as you have sent them to their deaths… For what? To secure Afghanistan and turn it into a nice little gas and oil highway to provide fossil fuels to Asia. Well guess what? You have failed… Miserably, because you have failed, you are now prepared to invade Iran on more trumped up charges, because they have succeeded in what you could not achieve. I, Mr. Hague am sometimes proud to be a British citizen and once was proud to be a British soldier, but you have now stripped that away from me and made a sick joke out of everything I believed I was serving my country for. If you refuse to hand yourselves in at the nearest embassy I would suggest you hand yourselves into the nearest British Infantry camp and report for a compulsory National Service for Politicians, here you will learn techniques on dealing with gunshot wounds, traversing through minefields and how to deal with emergency medical triage and helicopter evacuations techniques for injured and dying soldiers. You will then be expected to serve in Afghanistan for a minimum of two six month tours where we will post you to the remotest outpost and use you as bait to lure the “Taliban” Out of hiding and provoke them into attacking you. Due to budget restrictions set by your government we will only be providing you with ration packs to eat for your stay, limited ammunition and a limited number of fellow politicians to back you up. You will only have access to air or armoured support in the most dire of circumstances – This is again a budget restriction and you will just have to suck it in and get on with it I’m afraid. Should any of you be injured you will be casevaced back to the UK, where we we fix you up and fuck you off to “Help for Heroes”. After that you are on your own. Should you be killed whilst on tour we will ensure you wife and children are looked after for a little while, but this is a limited period and if we make the mistake of accidently over pay her/him then we will be sure to take back the money – by force if needed and promptly evict them from their homes. So Mr.Hague what is it to be? National service or hand yourself into an Iraqi embassy?
          It started long time ago? http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/politics/799940.stm


          The Conservative leader William Hague is meeting a controversial adviser to US R

          epublican presidential hopeful George W. Bush after calling for a recognition of religious values.

          Maryanne Akacharitysweet they all piss in the same pot julian has kicked over… they are talking bolitics as usual… this man is defending bradley manning and every soldier like him… our own private joe glenton went awol facing 2 years imprisonment when as a lance corporal, he opened stated and admitted he was suffering from gross post traumatic distress. he used to wake up scream seeing his dead mates in bits…he was not supposed to be returned to the afghanistan ‘theatre’ of war as the policticains call it. military doctors first told him they did not diagnose this malady as the entire force would have to be brought home. he took a stand because he new his men and mated were relying on him with their lives and he was not mentally fit as hard as that was for him to admit. to make a long story short, when he came back to face the music – he face *** 58 YEARS IMPRISONMENT*** he was tiold by igore judge the new highest judge of the new and improved supreme court that he could not claim contientious objector as was not an absolute pacifist which is such bollocks – because he would raise a hand to defend his family or his mates he was not an absolute pacifist. this supreme asshole of a judge then proceeded to berate him for letting down his mates??? bollocks. assange is steeping out on the plankj for all the soldiers caught up in these grossly illegal wars of aggression funded by joe tax payer who would be you and me. free assange. free democracy. free the press – free speech – peace is possible. Who is standing up for all the sons and daughters of these illegal wars ??? JULIAN ASSANGE. ENGLISH PARLIAMENT IS CHOKA BLOC WITH WAR CRIMINALS – STOP BLAMING THE SOLDIERS GRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XXX
          N.B THEY OFFERED JOE GLENTON MEDICAL HELP WITH HIS POST TRAUMATIC STRESS DISORDER THE DAY AFTER HE WAS TO BE DEPLOYED to afghanistan after not having the standard breathing space granted in between being deployed to theatres of war. just like vietnam war and agent orange – will our vets suffer the same birth defects, cancer and sterility as those of whose countries we have invaded??? generations will be affected. the soil the land the air… all because we are so busy bitching while so few like julian assange are actually doing. Anonymous is the shit :o) – that’s a canadian compliment xoxoxoxoxox

          Free Lance Corporal Joe Glenton – Troops Out Now – 12th – YouTube

          http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aitz9sOZ3JY12 Nov 2009 – 10 min – Uploaded by fourmanfilms
          It seems that nearly every media outlet is ignoring the issue of Joe Glenton being jailed by the Minister of

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    From youtube: Watch Download/copy & save, BEFORE IT IS REMOVED

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