OSWALDTWISTLE… EA are NOW going to turn the waterways LUMINOUS GREEN with exactly what????


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Brook to turn green in Oswaldtwistle ‘plague of flies’ probe

2:54pm Wednesday 15th August 2012 in News

FLIES The waste site in Ossy FLIES The waste site in Ossy

A BROOK near an illegal waste site is to turn bright green as part of an investigation.

The Environment Agency have planned to carry out dye tracing work in Lottice Brook, Oswaldtwistle near an illeal waste site which has caused a plague of flies in the area.

The decision is part of the EA’s ongoing investigation into the drainage system on the Nook Lane site. Residents and walkers have been warned they may notice the water in Lottice Brook change to a luminous green colour.

The change in colour is expected and the EA are alerting people there is no need to report this to their incident hotline.

The Environment Agency have also been in meetings with Hyndburn Council to advise them on the progress of the investigation.

David Welsby, Chief Executive from Hyndburn Borough Council, said: “We take this situation extremely seriously and have had very constructive meetings to find solutions to the problem.

We understand this has been having an unacceptable impact on the Hyndburn community.”

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3:24pm Wed 15 Aug 12

alf-abett says…

Quote “We understand this has been having an unacceptable impact on the Hyndburn Community” why doesn’t Mr Chief Executive David Welsby get off his fat arse and go see for himself to what is actually happening instead of listening to his H&A department who no doubt are telling him what he wants to hear.

OK brand it unfair comment, I don’t care, the truth hurts sometimes and these people really do need to get out and about instead of sitting around all day being paid a grossly inflated salary plus a gold plated pension for doing as little as possible to the cost of the community.

6:54pm Wed 15 Aug 12

jogalot says…

At least somebody is doing a good job somewhere there, for a change. Most of the rubbish has now gone, so well done whoever you are who made this happen! A very unusual result! LT, please find out who it is and publish their name, they deserve a pat on the back.
Of course, the problem isn’t finished yet, so I shouldn’t get ahead of myself. However, I was so surprised I thought it needed mentioning.

8:57pm Wed 15 Aug 12

mrscharitysweet says…

pay june smith and the entire ossie community who pulled together and stood beside her forcing those paid by the tax payer to do more than show up for photo opportunities while patting themselves on the back for the hard work that others in the community has done….and while we are on topic could some! please explain to me why this land is not classified as contaminated as it once was when the Nipa/ Cocker chemical factory was closed in 2006… I do believe this is now grossly apparent to be a matter for the courts to decide http://archive.defra
l-definition.pdfLegal considerations for local authorities40. As with many decisions taken by many regulators under many laws, the duty of localauthorities to decide whether land is contaminated land under Part 2A is balanced bythe fact that an affected person can challenge such a decision (i) by making an appealto the Secretary of State; and (ii) by applying for judicial review in the courts. Ultimatelydecisions about what qualifies as SPOSH and contaminated land would be a matter forthe courts.
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Although since the closure of the plant in 2006 the majority of the buildings have

been removed, there remains in place an extensive concrete hardstanding and some
buildings near the site entrance off Nook Lane. The Hazardous Substances Consent
(HSC), which was in force on this site (Application No. PR/03/0007), allowed for the
storage of 50 tonnes of Para chologophenyl isocyanate, 154.6 tonnes of Benzl
chloride, 685 tonnes Benzoisothiazoline and 166 tonnes of Perchloroethylene. Due
to the existence of the HSC, the site was a Notification Site under the Control of
Major Accident Hazards (COMAH) Regulations 1999. The oval shaped ConsultationParagraph 2.6.
During this time 2000 local residents were advised to stay indoors by the Police. The company
were fined £21,900 and £75,000 in fines and costs.Zone relating to this Notification extends 800 metres to the north, 493 metres to the
east, 373 metres to the south and 338 metres to the west from the centre of the site.Figure 3. Plan illustrating the proposed change to the boundary of the Green Belt.3.9

Notwithstanding the location of the site in the Green Belt, whilst a Hazardous
Substance Consent remains extant, the Health and Safety Executive will continue to
apply the consultation zones, limiting the amount and type of development that could
be undertaken within the area of the zones. In January 2009 the Council presented
a report to its Planning Committee seeking authority to make an order to revoke the


It is likely that the site is contaminated by a variety of chemical substances, however,
the extent or severity of contamination is not known. Redevelopment of the site must

be accompanied by an appropriate remediation scheme that would return the site to
a condition fit for the proposed afteruse.


PLANNING COMMITTEE – Hyndburn Borough Council
File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat – Quick View
Works, Nook Lane, Oswaldtwistle, subject to confirmation by the Secretary of … Britcliffe asked if Hyndburn Borough Council could investigate the possible contamination of … Land off Moss Lane, Knuzden, Blackburn – erection of stable block …

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