Oswaldtwistle fly art – I prove my case :o) xox

carrier to disposer: notice all the blanks not filled in; PLASTIC?
everyone is o.k. with this?



This is o.k. with the environ’mental’ agency when they were involved in the eviction notice of said ‘plastic’ from Wigan – in ‘good faith’?

Everyone is in agreement that the truth/’plastic’ has been weighed up correctly?

Everyone agrees that ARTHUR MORGAN had nothing whatsoever to do with this toxic fiasco that someone gave a license to someone for and all investigating parties have also acted ‘in good faith’? …just as long as we are all on the same page… shhhhhhh….. oswaldtwistle s.o.s. war chemicals

Daniel Bennett

Just to lighten the mood a little… lol

One comment

  1. this is my favorite post on this topic… a picture paints a thousand words n what not …

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