Evidence of art – OSWALDTWISTLE – evidence of NEGLIGENCE

Yes I am an artist and I love to paint things how I would like them to be; inspired by nature and through my humanity.

I see the world different than most… it’s a beautiful place really; well and truly.

inspired by Mr. Brian W. Haw

(not finished yet…)

Inspired by Ismael – Table Top Mountain, South Africa

(also not quite finished…)

Why did Howarth Timber makes two deliveries to Arthur Morgans company – AMCIS PROPERTYS – not to Blakely’s… and why did Arthur Morgan initially deny Blakely’s access to his land, over-riding the Environ’mental’ Agency, the first day the rubbish was to be moved as promised to the Ossy community?… and why did June catch him digging up exactly what, for who, on his land, at the old Cocker site, Nook Lane that first night; ARTHUR referred to in this advice notice and TOP OF NOOK LANE OSSY – so many questions to be answered in a public inquiry ARTHUR

invoice no: 08944649 date: 02/07/2012 required: 30/06/2012???

******************OSSIE FLIES MEETING GROUP ********************

So… Blakeleys Waste have not been given permission to go on the land to remove this crap….so who is doing the digging up there now and what are they removing the guy said to me today they were digging up what they have buried

Top of Form

31 July at 17:47

June Smith There has got to be something there which shouldnt or Arthur Morgan should not have a problem with Blakeleys removing the waste

31 July at 17:51

June Smith deffo or why would they not let us pass

31 July at 17:54

Zoe Ashby this is not gud bloody hell !!!!

31 July at 17:55 via Mobile

June Smith I think thats a good move Lauren x

31 July at 17:56

Lynsey Lambert teribble news.looks like they have be playing us for fools.

31 July at 17:58

June Smith yep and as many as possible

31 July at 17:58

June Smith just hope there is someone there tomorrow

31 July at 18:00

June Smith they might work all night tonight like they did when dumping it there

31 July at 18:00

Zoe Ashby ‎6pm at site … will b there

31 July at 18:05 via Mobile

June Smith waste of time mailing them it took 2 days b4 they answered

31 July at 18:08

Theresa Beck it makes you wonder what else is buried up there

31 July at 18:10

June Smith just what i said, they are moving something b4 they let Blakeleys on site

31 July at 18:11 · 2

Theresa Beck is it not time police were involved to see what they are digging up ,he obviously has something to hide ,that is why he is delaying it

31 July at 18:14 · 2

Jim Hindle Just a thought. A quick search of companies Arthur Morgan has directed comes up with some sort of funeral service called remembrance place. Makes you think why he doesn’t want people diggin

1 August at 18:05 via Mobile

Catherine Barnes omg jim can you imagine if he had done, I cant imagine that he would have but then again i cant imagine what has happened would have happened x

1 August at 19:49

Jim Hindle From what I’ve been told by people who know who he is, he’s a bit of a gangster, he’s been a director of a funeral business and he don’t want anybody diggin up the site. It just makes you wonder what’s goin on !!

1 August at 20:22 via Mobile

Tina Greaves OMG this is just going from bad to worse, cant believe that the Police arn’t overseeing what is going on up there!!!

1 August at 21:48

Bottom of Form

Bottom of Form

Blakeleys Waste

Hi everyone

Please see our latest statement below:

Stephen Blakeley, managing director at Blakeley’s Waste Management, said: “Despite receiving approval from Hyndburn Borough Council and the Environment Agency that we can begin to start removing waste from Oswaldtwistle waste site, the land owner Arthur Morgan of AMCIS has unfortunately applied a restriction of access, which prevents us from getting on to the site to start the clearance before 8am. This reduces the time we can operate during the day and will therefore lengthen the time it takes us to remove the bales.

“Also, as at present Arthur Morgan has not yet agreed to allow access to the site for the operation to begin tomorrow. He has requested further information, which has been supplied this afternoon. Despite this he has yet to give permission for Blakeley’s to access the site. Therefore, at present we cannot begin the clearance tomorrow as planned until Mr Morgan removes his objections.”

Top of Form

31 July at 17:25

Karen Ledger Whst is this man playing at !!!!!!!

31 July at 17:31 via Mobile · 1

Stacey Barker Blakeleys this just isn’t good enough. Infact it’s a pissin joke now. And the rats are out n about now!!!!!

31 July at 17:31 via Mobile · 1

June Smith bang out of order Blakeleys!!

31 July at 17:34 · 1

Lisa Barr This is pathetic now

31 July at 17:35 via Mobile · 1

Karen Ledger Its not them june is it its the land owner , i think its great for the statement dont you at least someone is being honest

31 July at 17:35 via Mobile · 1

Chris Aspinall I think a big push on the media side is in order now.. its been going on far too long.

31 July at 17:37 via Mobile · 2

Chris Aspinall Nobody likes bad publicity, it may just get their arses into gear..!

31 July at 17:39 via Mobile · 1

Alan Brown we need to get the EA to put a order on the land owner

31 July at 17:39 · 2

Alan Brown its a week since the last meeting, think we need to get on to the press again

31 July at 17:41 · 2

Zoe Ashby hopefully this is s trueful statement .. the landowner needs throwing down the black hole !”!!!!””!

31 July at 17:41 via Mobile · 6

Dave Ashby This Morgan idiot needs a bale of this shite dumping in his front garden.

31 July at 17:44 via Mobile · 6

Jackie Rhodes far do to Blakeleys Waste its all down to Aurthur Morgan and his croneys..something sounds a bit dodgey on his part

31 July at 17:44

Rachel Bamford its funny that a statemnt was released last week saying he wasnt stopping admission hummm lies and more lies …

31 July at 17:47 · 4

Cheryl Duffy No point shifting the blame… if they had not dumped it there in the 1st instance then this group would have never been formed.. live in Ossy…. scared to take your dog for long walks just in case she drinks from a stream that could be infected… A rocket up their *ackside they need.. Why should it take all this time … ? when the Company quite clearly has not been Corporately and Socially Responsible what makes you think that you are dealing with reasonable people, quite clearly after numerous broken deadlines ALL that can be done is NOT being done because the waste is still with us!!!! where else in the Country have they dumped waste! or did they just put a pin in the map and single out Oswaldtwistle & Hyndburn as an easy target !

31 July at 17:57 · 5

Cheryl Duffy This reduces the time we can operate during the day and will therefore lengthen the time it takes us to remove the bales.???????? Why just throw more man power and vehicles at it when you have been cleared to enter the site. and if this means that you need to alter the plans you have submitted to EA and & HBC on removals then I am sure that they will have resources in place to enable this to be done swiftly.. it may not be the most cost effective way but the residents are getting restless… do yourselves a favour and lets see some action..

31 July at 18:37 · 3

Tina Greaves seems to me this Arthur Morgan has something to hide, makes you wonder what exactly is on this site!!!!

31 July at 18:49 · 5

Caroline Wells if mr morgan gives permision to gain access to the land then ile eat my hat because the moment that happens then the full extent of what he has been doing up there for all these years will come out…and then its off to jail he goes 🙂

31 July at 18:51 · 9

Ian Sack Kean Stephenson If you believe this statement then your a fool. It is obvious that nothing can be removed until its been established what is on the site. This press release by blakeleys waste is a very unprofessional one that seems only to blame another party. I think I’ve read three, all of which are very amateurish as you’d expect from a company responsible for making an illegal landfill site.

31 July at 19:29 via Mobile · 4

Mandy Haworth More BULLSHIT!wonder what their next stories going to be!

31 July at 20:15 via Mobile · 1

Donna Emmett Can the EA or the Council not get a warrant to enter the land to enforce the clean up?

Section 59
Environmental Protection Act 1990
Provides powers for waste regulation authorities and
waste collection authorities to require the removal of
waste unlawfully and knowingly deposited. If the occupier
or owner fails to comply the authority can enter the land,
remove the waste and recover the costs from the occupier.

Part III (Statutory Nuisance)
Environmental Protection Act 1990
District councils can serve an abatement notice if an
accumulation or deposit is considered to be prejudicial to
health or a nuisance. Reasonable costs can be recovered.
Inert material, however, would not be categorised as
a statutory nuisance.

Section 215
Town and Country Planning Act 1990
Allows an authority to serve a notice on the owners and
occupiers of land, requiring the site to be tidied up if the
condition of any land is in such a state as to adversely affect
the amenity of the neighbourhood.

31 July at 20:49 · Edited · 2

Kirsty McMillan i knew it wouldnt happen. !! what are they hiding….. we need to ring the tv & radio stations, papers again…. & dump a load outside morgans house !!!!!!!

31 July at 21:57 via Mobile · 1

Kirsty McMillan u have big trucks, run into the gates & start filling your wagons with all the rubbish !!!!!!!!! stuff the owner,, just do it. how many excuses ????????

31 July at 22:07 via Mobile · 1

Marilyn Pendergrast EVER HEARD OF OVERTIME ???? BLAKLEY’S !!!!!

31 July at 23:27 · 1

Anne Haworth have they needed to ask permission every time they dumped waste on the land.. why all of a sudden can they not access their own waste. something a bit crab smellin here

31 July at 23:39 · 3

Gail Bailey overtime it what they did when they dumped it.

31 July at 23:41 · 3

Marilyn Pendergrast Yup, well said Gail !!

31 July at 23:59 · 1

Robyn Louise I don’t understand why everyone is angry with Blakeley’s. They are willing to shift the waste! Its the landowner who is delaying it!! Lets try to get answers from him!

1 August at 09:01 via Mobile · 2

Mandy Haworth Blakeleys have lied before what makes you think their not telling porkys again?

1 August at 09:04 via Mobile

June Smith Ive just come from site and spoken to everyone up there it is deffo being moved today x

1 August at 09:06 · 2

Catherine Barnes because Blakeleys Waste as a company have a responsibility to ensure their practices meet certain standards and this has not been done. They get a lot of business on the grounds of meeting certain regulations such as ISO14001 that they are not currently meeting x

1 August at 09:07

Robyn Louise Yes, Blakeley’s should not have dumped the waste here in the first place. But that is done now. Theres no point constantly having a go at them. Its up to the cowboy landowner now. Blakeley’s are willing to do as we wish.

1 August at 10:26 via Mobile · 1

Catherine Barnes of course Blakeleys have to be held accountable for their actions and the landowner also. Blakeleys are going to be willing to do as we wish as this will look good for them on the day of prosecution, both of them need to go a step further and make a bad situation into a positive outcome for the whole community x

1 August at 11:17

Caroline Wells well i think i had better make a hat out of somethin thats tastes very nice…because it looks like im going to have to eat it 🙂

1 August at 12:39 · 2

Marilyn Pendergrast You n me both Caroline LOL 😉

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1 August at 16:25 · 1

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Thursday, 2 August 2012


Hyndburn Borough Council is continuing to work closely with the Environment Agency to deal with the alleged illegal dumping of approximately 4000 bales of household and commercial waste at the former Nippa chemicals site in Oswaldtwistle.
Following discussions with the landowner and Blakeley’s last Thursday, work began on site this morning to remove the waste. Approximately 300 tonnes have already have been removed and it is expected that around 500 tonnes will be removed each day from here on until the site is cleared of the bales. We understand that it is Blakeley’s intention that most of the waste should be taken to a landfill disposal site in Pilsworth.
At this stage there are indications that the pesticides being used to kill the flies at the site are proving effective and there has been a major reduction in the volume of complaints generated as a result. This will continue to be monitored throughout the removal operation…”

I loved this below copied blog so thought I would add it on as a reward for those who slogged through the level of arrogance and ignorance the authorities are openly displaying towards the Ossie community.

I love Banksy

Banksy’s Olympic street art bucks London graffiti crackdown

Banksy and other street artists take on London officials’ graffiti policy ahead of this Summer’s Olympic Games.
(4) |
Published: July 25, 2012 at 11:38 AM


Banksy, the enigmatic artist of 2010’s “Exit Through the Gift Shop,” unveiled two new works of street art just in time for the Olympic opening ceremonies this Friday, despite warnings from London police, who have said they will remove any public graffiti they find.

The two images were posted to Banksy’s Web site Monday — one depicts an Olympic javelin thrower holding a missile, while another shows a pole-vaulter jumping over a barb-wire fence onto an old mattress.

The locations of both pieces were not identified.

Banksy’s images appeared soon after several arrests of London graffiti artists last week, “part of a preemptive sweep” before the Olympics, The Guardian reported. The four men were then released under bail conditions that prohibit them from owning spray paint or being “within one mile of any Olympic venue in London or elsewhere in England.”

According to the New Statesman, British Transport Police said the Olympic-venue condition “was to prevent the commission of offences and to protect the integrity of the Olympic Games.”

(Image credit: Flickr user urbanartcore.edu)

One graffiti blog, however, accused British police of “sanitizing” the city before the Games.

“The heavy handed actions of government and law enforcement in London could see our fair capital descend into the cultural deadzone,” The London Vandal argued.

The Guardian’s Jonathan Jones agreed, calling official attitude toward graffiti “a chilling sign that instead of magnifying or rekindling the reputation London now has for outrageous art and irrepressible creativity, this corporate behemoth is cancelling out the capital’s attractions and drawing attention to its weaknesses.”

Helen Bingham of anti-litter organization Keep Britain Tidy noted that not all graffiti is created equal.

“There’s a difference between low grade tagging and the work people like Banksy do,” Bingham told the BBC. “You have to look at it and know the difference – it’s not a black and white thing.”

Street art has long served as important fixture on London’s urban landscape–murals and graffiti color the walls of neighborhoods like Camden and Shoreditch.

(Image: Flickr user: makipon)
© 2012 United Press International, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Any reproduction, republication, redistribution and/or modification of any UPI content is expressly prohibited without UPI’s prior written consent.

Read more: http://www.upi.com/blog/2012/07/25/Banksys-Olympic-street-art-bucks-London-graffiti-crackdown/2391343228856/#ixzz23WdgBYmD xox

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