Rubbish Moved from Wigan in Good Faith My Ass Mr. Environ’mental’ Moron’s Agency: unearthing war chemicals

“Re: A plague of flies

Just incase any of you feel impelled to write to the person who could have done something to prevent this waste been illegally dumped in your naibourhood, the details are:-

Judge Brain, Manchester Employment Tribunal Alexandra House 14 – 22 Parsonage, Manchester, M3 2JA

12th January 2011, Judge Brain, heard the case of a driver who refused to collect hazardous waste without a licence and without permits and in return blakeleys waste management increased her workload, when she complaind about that they made unlawful deductions of wages and refused her holidays entitlement.

Judge Brain ruled that it was entirly proper conduct for Blakeleys waste management to instruct the driver to collect the waste and despose of it at the recycling plant without a licence and without permits, but they should have provided her with protective clothing. The judge ruled the workload hadn’t been increased, becasue the driving undertaken by a truck driver isn’t part of the workload, because blakeleys says it’s not. The judge did agree that it was unlawful deduction of wages and they should have provided statutory holidays. But because the driver couldn’t agree to carry on collecting and disposing waste illegally and drive illegally by discarding driving as part of the workload, then she could be dismissed.

The judge was warned that Blakley’s have no respect for the law and his judgment would only make a bad situation worse, as no driver can refuse to collect and dispose of waste illegally and given that disposeing of waste illegally has serious health implications for the general public, it is a disaster waiting to happen. Baring in mind the waste in question was collected from a chemical plant, but other clients of Blakeley’s waste management includes hospitals, carbody shops etc, all the waste is dropped off in a big warehouse and mixed together before seperated into recycling and none recyclable. So any contaminates that are dropped of have plenty of opportunity to cross contaminate all waste, be it for recycling or not.

But because I have CFS/ME and taking court action only made my symptoms worse, the judge ruled the conduct of Blakeleys waste management is irrelivant, as i could be dismissed for been ill. So Judge Brain refused to reveiw his decission. So I think you writting to Judge Brain and letting him know that he could have prevented this from happening, might help him to understand the importance of his job and how if he doesn’t do his job properly it does have serious consiquences on other people.

I took court action to blow the whistle on Blakeleys waste management, to prevent them from causing serious harm to the general public, in doing so I put myself in a wheelchair because I used for more energy that what my body produced. In return Judge Brain found it to be entirly proper conduct for Blakeleys to instruct drivers to collect and dispose of waste without a licence and without permits. So maybe it would be a good idea for people in Oswaldtwistle to let Judge Brain know the consiqunences his judgment.

Sadley a lot of people only learn from mistakes made if they realise they have made a mistake. Unfortunatly it takes people who have suffered the consiquences to point out the mistakes made, before any lessons are learned and history is not repeated.”

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N.B. This shite was moved in good faith from Wigan? No
Did they Environ’mental’ Agency know what they had ordered evicted from Wigan? Yes – well maybe – they should have known and also should have known it was not plastic due to the obvious nasty little environmental factor that they should surely have been aware had become a rather large problem for the  community of Wigan given their chosen field of profession – the environment.
FLIES REQUIRE ORGANIC MATTER TO LIVE AND BREED LIKE THE NUISANCE THEY CAN BE WHEN and WHERE THERE IS A VAST CONCENTRATION OF YUMMY *O*R*G*A*N*I*C* RUBBISH FOR THEM TO FEAST UPON as was being transported and dumped illegally by Blakeley’s and disposed of into a toxic chemically contaminated old chemical factory site by T. Crawley’s;  all with a license granted by the council and with the Environ’mental’ Agency of MORONS’s blessings and turning of blind eyes to the large toxic elephant in the room not one agency of the government wishes to acknowledge publicly .
Charity Sweet
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Is anybody going to be seeking compensation for expenses and stress from this episode off the land owner? I think you deserve your money back for products at least.

Sponsored by
Probe over fly infestation

Hindley Green Business Park

Published on Friday 18 May 2012 12:59

THE Environment Agency has reprimanded a Wigan company after their waste storage operations caused an infestation of flies.

Blakeley’s Waste Management, on the Hindley Green Business Park, is storing compressed rubbish in its unit in breach of the terms of a permit to store paper and plastic waste there.
Other companies with units on the business park and local councillors say this shouldn’t be happening and have complained to Wigan Council, saying that the area around the business park is being plagued by clouds of flies feeding on the waste.
ContiTech, which also operates on the Hindley Green site, claims its canteen has had to be shut on more than one occasion due to the insects, and shifts of workers have also had to be sent home. It reported the issue to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and Wigan Council, before the matter was passed to the Environment Agency’s (EA) Environmental Protection team.
The problems began after letting agents permitted Blakeley’s to store bales of dried mixed recyclables (DMR’s), made up of compressed cartons and tins, in the unit, a type of waste it did not have a permit to keep on site.
The Environment Agency (EA) also said there was too much waste being stored at the Hindley Green site after visiting the premises, before ordering the firm to seal the building to prevent odour leakages and preventing more DMRs being delivered until this was done.
Hindley Green councillor Bob Brierley has also written to the authorities over the issue of the storage facility.
He said: “I have received a number of complaints from residents about the flies, which I understand are gathering due to the storage of this waste.
“I don’t see why they can’t just hire wagons to clear the waste away. I am organising the Brunswick fun day in Hindley Green next month, which is in its third year and includes a BBQ, and this work needs to be done before the event.
“This needs to be treated urgently because Hindley Green has run out of fly spray.”
The EA have now served a notice on the firm, giving it until July 31 to clear away the waste in an appropriate manner and put in place measures to minimise odours and deal with the flies. Blakeley’s can appeal, but a pest control firm was reported to be on site.
ContiTech was approached but declined to comment. Blakeley’s had also not replied at the time of going to press.

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An update, in case you haven’t been watching it on Facebook.The firm who dumped it are Blakeleys Waste Management in Wigan.
There had been a fly plague there and Wigan council ordered them to shift some waste before the end of July.
They did – to us.
Blakeleys claim that the owner of the old Cockers site assured them that permission to accept the waste was in place.A meeting will be held tonight at the pub on Thwaites Rd where the Enviro Health people will answer questions.Log in | FacebookOssy flies | FacebookBBC iPlayer – Graham Liver: 26/07/2012

Re: A plague of flies

One of the two owners of the site is offshore Association of Management Corporations in Singapore, AMCIS
115A Commonwealth Drive, #01-03,
Singapore 149596.Hotline: (65) 6100-1550
Telefax: (65) 6276-8747
Email:“At AMCIS, nothing is impossible — we have developed solutions to solve your problems.
“Blakeley’s Waste Management Ltd, Bickershaw Lane, Abram, Wigan, WN2 5TBRe: A plague of flies

Originally Posted by MargaretR View Post
One of the two owners of the site is offshoreManagement CorporationsThe Association of Management Corporations in Singapore, AMCIS
115A Commonwealth Drive, #01-03,
Singapore 149596.Hotline: (65) 6100-1550
Telefax: (65) 6276-8747
Email:“At AMCIS, nothing is impossible — we have developed solutions to solve your problems.”
Re: A plague of flies

I am an ex employee of this company and i took them to court last year and blew the whistle on them disposing of waste without permits and the appropriate licences. Sadley the court failed to understand the significance of the health risk this poses and found it to be entirly proper conduct for them to do this.But they did find it was in bad faith for me to blow the whistle, becasue they unlawfully deducted my wages when i spoke out against this practice. Even worse the court ruled i would be dismissed anyway because i had a disability, that i hadn’t informed my employer about.I have tried ever since to get the courts to understand how dangerous it is to dispose of waste illegall without the relivant permits, but because i am disabiled they wouldn’t listen to me. This was preventable and i am so sorry i failed to prevent it, iRe: A plague of flies

Steven Blakeley is the director

Greama Knight is the health and safety manager / General Manager

He deals with most things

Hope that Helps

did everything i could and I have never given up trying since i took court action last year.

Re: A plague of flies

Mr Steven Barron is the logistics manager, the person of whom would have organised the transport of this waste to your town. He is also the only certified person for hazardous waste and his beleif’s on what merits hazardous waste does deviate somewhat from what the law says is hazardous. So yes i would be very carefull around the site of this waste, because the company does not like to carry out risk assessment or C.O.S.S.H. following any reports the drivers make of suspisious waste.

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