Oswaldtwistle canal

Boo Hoo… I think someone is seriously trying to publicly discredit me on the internet

… ummmm … give a shit?

Obviously someone, up here in Oswaldtwistle, Lancashire or perhaps down in London, or maybe somewhere caught in between, has their nickers in a serious twist and is spitting the dummy.

… ahhhhhhh … hard shit?

It was rather stupid to allow yet another post of foul rubbish I did not author, in my name, on Indymedia Uk. I did not write nor post  up, into the public domain and onto this site to be publicly viewed, AFTER I had posted a disclaimer on this site stating very clearly that nothing I write will be posted on indymedia uk and anything found there in future was and is not and will not be written by myself – my IP address was banned from publishing on their site – I think the naughty fools posting in my name forgot that little fact.

Some moron at/and/or via Indymedia uk has just proven my point and needs to learn how to read and follow their own guidelines as well as perhaps find some morals; they are discrediting the good work of those at this site attempting to provide alternative independent intellegent media streaming for the general public.

To the good people at Indymedia UK, I wish to say thank you for your good efforts and good luck to you all.

To the very few morons spitting their dummies out their mooies publicly, I would suggest thinking before posting any more shite in my name that I did not write as you are lowering the tone and the plausibility of truthfulness being aired on that site that is supposed to be outside the reach and grasp of the mainstream ‘lame’stream media’s control.

Censoring is one thing – getting creative and posting in a persons name what they did not write kind of breeches a code of moral ethics amongst us writers and humanity actually – I guess one  could say it’s a seriously fraudulent act of ill will.

N.B.   odd: Why has indymedia stopped my ip address from accessing indymedia uk and left up only 1 post including contemperaneous notes rated R by myself, in writing, contrary to their own publishing guidelines?

I wonder where that Ip address claiming to be myself  is from posting that lame shite from? I don’t suppose Indymedia UK will be checking into that little fact. Never mind as it is water off a duck’s arse to me and actually proves to me that someone strongly feels the need to publicly discredit me for telling so much truth about what is going on up north here in Oswaldtwistle, Lancashire while so many are far too busy turning a blind eye to the big toxic chemical elephant in Arthur Morgan’s back yard in Ossie.

*********************** S.O.S. WAR CHEMICALS ************************

************************ BLESS WORDPRESS.COM*************************

When I found myself being censored from making reasonable public comment, I got an idea from a clever man to start posting my thoughts, comments, evidence, contemperaneous notes to court – Mr. Morgan – Blakely’s – T.Crawley’s – Hyndburn Council – Lancashire Council – be warned – to this site.

I thought to myself, as the Jamaicans like Bolt say – Raggo… censored again? I don’t think so.

And my youngest daughter found a post on her big sister’s boyfriend’s sisters site with that classic remark I was feeling at the time and am still feeling towards this incompetent lot – “Don’t underestimate me darling. I can go from lady to ghetto in 2.5 seconds” and within a day, some thirty odd posts I plastered onto this site. RAGGO.

My phone is tapped – it echoes when friends and family call, especially from London. Until I updated the spyware on my computer, my lap top was getting slower and slower and slower with the amount of spyware trolling through my personal files. This is supposed to be a first world nation where humanity matters and human rights are still prescribed in law?

Article 10 – freedom of expression HRA 1998

I will express myself to the best of my ability, to my family, to my friends and to the public at large should I choose to do so – beyond national boundaries or ethnic differences. My mother taught me that I am a part of human’kind’. GreenPeace taught me about ecology – we are all a part of it – everything and everyone one belongs –  must belong. My mother also taught me that war terrified her as a child here in England that all war is wrong because it always involves children no matter what nations the bombs and/or war chemicals are being dropped on/unleashed upon.


My mum grew up in the garden of England and loved to garden. She taught me that all nature is beautiful (especially her human nature) because of the differences and would not life be boring if all were the exact same? She taught me not only to look for the similarities of what I saw but to also look for and appreciate, understand, what is different.

… which leads me to

Article 11 – freedom of Assembly HRA 1998

I have the right to choose who I assemble with in all places of general public access including the internet. I can’t choose my family and I can choose my friends and I can associate with them peacefully by any means I choose – that is the right of all humanity.

How many readers has this site alone had from how many countries? … the statistics are looking pretty sweet so far.

It is no great wonder that attempts are being made to sabotage myself and publicly discredit me on the internet. These fools simply don’t realize that they are only digging themselves a deeper pit with the community that pays their wages and highlighting their arrogance – their ignorance is what I am making very apparent to all…that’s the little priceless bit these fools are forgetting while they are so busy publicly patting themselves on the back for the efforts of the community which is pissing the community off understandably. Arrogance and ignorance is not a very voter friendly combination.

The majority of the public can easily recognize the truth when they read it and the vast majority of the nation(s) also know how to recognize bollocks when they see it.

Give a shit… hard evidence is going up on this site tomorrow – good luck / bonne chance.

I re-iterate: Mr. Arthur Morgan ….

… bollocks.

toodle pip xxx

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