Dear Manchester Waste Regulation Authority – re licenses: BLAKELY’S WASTE MANAGEMENT LTD. / T. CRAWLEY’S BOLLOCKS

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Councillor Elaine Sherrington – please help Oswaldtwistle right this wrong

Councillor Elaine Sherrington
Title: Executive Member for Recycling and Waste Management (Councillor)

To whom it may gravely concern:

Please contact June Smith of the Ossie Meeting Flies Group Regarding the above noted licenses of Mr. Blakely’s waste management failure of a recycling business and learn why the entire community of Oswaldtwistle is seeking to have his licenses immediately and unequivocally revoked.

Could you also investigate the company believed to be T Crawley’s? I’m sorry and no further identification of this company was included on Blakely’s ‘Carrier to Disposer’ notices. If they hold licenses with yourselves, they also need to be immediately revoked.

June smith, a longstanding member of the Ossie community, can be contacted via facebook through the community meeting group noted above.

Thank you for your care and concern into this very serious matter.


June Smith

  • 10 people like this.
    • Catherine Barnes this looks better x
    • Gail Bailey brilliant that june.x
    • Tracy Slater about bloody time a job well done june
    • June Smith thats only the start of it…whats buried and what chemicals will be disturbed again is another thing…ive got lots of people who have told me about the chemicals buried up there and they are very very dangerous to all people on ossy, just one barrel of some war chemical (of which is buried) can wipe out the whole of Ossy!! so think on!….next step is to get this land sealed off again and a notice put on it to make sure it is not disturbed AGAIN!!…… Thanks for all your support but just because the flies are going please please DONT think this is over…..because its NOT! xxxxx
    • June Smith Must say it is nothing to panic over YET” but please be aware on the outcome…..thanks x
    • Tracy Slater shittin nora thats bad
    • Anne Haworth if its reburied it can be disturbed again. and we might not find out about it next time. it needs just disposing of properly this time. not burying


Recycle for Greater Manchester Find us on Facebook

Committee details

Special Purposes Committee 2012/13


Best Public Private Partnership goes to Greater Manchester

Best Public Private Partnership goes to Greater Manchester

On the evening of Thursday 21st June 2012, Greater Manchester celebrated winning a prestigious award for its innovative Recycling and Waste Management Contract at the Municipal Journal Achievement Awards. …read more

GMWDA in the News

The EA’s overall objective is to provide a better environment for people and wildlife, which will be delivered though action on five themes:

  • Act to reduce climate change and its consequences;
  • Protect and improve air, land and water quality;
  • Put people and communities at the heart of what we do;
  • Work with businesses and the public sector to use resources wisely; and
  • Be the best we can.

The Environment agency has a broad ranging remit to protect and improve the quality of the environment. This involves regulating industrial activities that pose a risk to land, water and air but also having a direct involvement in protecting the environment through the development of flood defences, mitigating climate change and being an influential advisor to government to help them address wider sustainability issues, as well as supporting businesses to be greener.

Within the waste industry Environment Agency is recognised mainly as a regulator, which controls the activities of waste operations through setting standards and emission controls. The Agency has a role in ensuring a level playing field by monitoring, inspecting and enforcing management activities in relation to the risk that they pose, and where feasible, allowing low risk activities to be relieved of the regulation burden through exemptions. The Environment Agency, with Local Authorities, also has responsibility for ensuring illegal activities such as fly-tipping are reduced.

The agency aids the industry in the development markets for waste derived products by supporting industry in determining when materials stop being waste through the development of protocols.

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