Dear *ndymed*a UK: JUSTICE WILL PREVAIL – search oswaldtwistle ARTHUR MORGAN please :o) XOX

I wanted to say thank you to all those who have supported me in my endeavors to get the truth out and about what the hell is going on in Oswaldtwistle – hidden in plain sight.

I must admit that I am saddened to understand that some of those at Indymedia UK have lost the plot and have chosen to publish articles and comments that were not written by myself, yet attributed to myself, and have refused to remove said rubbish from their site.- it does not say much for the administration of this site.

Regardless, I refuse to allow anyone or anything to deter me from writing the truth about the war chemicals being constantly licensed by the Hyndburn/Lancashire counci(s) to be continuously and consistently unearthed THROUGH permission granted and land leased by the owner, Mr. Arthur Morgan, at the old Cocker Chemical factory site.

My mum, who was an evacuee of the second world war in this country, taught me that right is right and wrong is wrong. Indymedia UK is wrong for attempting to slander me by publicly – publishing posts and comments that I have not written. – bollocks springs to my mind.

And…. this tells me that I must really be p*ssing off those “in the know” of what this true story is – insanity unleashing war chemicals onto the community.

How could Lancashire Council and/or Hyndburn Council constantly issue licenses to keep committing this insanity and these crimes of  GROSS NEGLIGENCE – digging up old war chemicals of the past and un-leashing them onto the surrounding community?… the mind boggles.

I am awaiting the local river system to turn luminous green as stated by the Environ”mental” Agency is their current plan of action – a tracer dye is what the community has been told will be spread through the local waterways as well as no complaints will be taken… it’s in their statement on their site – luminous green rivers and no one is suppose to bat an eyelid. When the fish have 12 eyes will anyone dare question how Homer Simpson Springfield this village is becoming?

I have sought legal advice and I am fully prepared for the accusation of arson as various signs on the internet have led me to believe that the authorities and the powers that be are planning to bring the public to this conclusion about myself. Bollocks I say – I am a Canadian tree hugger. I love the forest and the trees and my humanity that is deeply grounded within the environment,

I spent a lovely evening with my daughter and friends tonight – shooting pool and “shooting the sh*t” as us Canadians say, trying to digest what I have seen with my own eyes.

I have many and various samples of water and soil from the Nook Lane Cocker chemical factory site and I am putting out a call to the world for an environmental chemist that I can trust to tell the truth for the Oswaldtwistle community and their progeny – this madness must end.

I have been informed that three barrels of AGENT ORANGE went missing when the factory closed and were dumped in the mine shafts below; AGENT ORANGE of such a high concentration that just one eye dropper of this shite will produce yet another full barrel; AGENT ORANGE that was used in VIETNAM  as it annihilated the all flora and fauna within 24 hours and that destroyed anything that provided any cover for those defending and protecting their homeland from invading forces- AGENT ORANGE that annihilated their crops and their food source.

Blakely’s, the deliverer and T Crawley’s the disposer have been digging up only God knows what at the Nook Lane site- all with a license granted and provided by who? 4 Why? The Council(s)?

What’s happening in Oswaldtwistle is nothing short of madness.

When Blakely’s/T. Crawly’s dug up the land and disturbed/destroyed the sewage pipes, some bright spark had the grand idea to dig a trench, that a car could easily drive through, to bleed off the toxic fluid from Morgan’s land into the local streams; for two weeks this river of toxic death flowed into the local estuaries and has been barely covered up.

There are currently three holding pools attached to this site that smell to high hell of toxic chemicals and are over-flowing, as I write, onto the land. Is it any wonder that 2 local dogs have died and various other dogs have come out with strange ailments as they went walkies in the nature reserve the Council has built i deem to specifically hide this rancid shite and their cash cow? Is it not convenient that this is all happening hidden in plain site?

So now they want to shoot the messenger – blame the messenger – frame the messenger?

How about f*** off? No.

I have clocked the plot that is afoot, regarding myself, and I am telling the world what shite is being unearthed here in Lancashire as well as what is being planned and plotted.

My eldest son is a fireman and a paramedic in Canada and I give all praise to those who fought the recent blaze, risking their lives to protect the community. And is it not a shame that the council is only concerned with fly sh*t and not the toxic chemicals being unleashed that they damn well know exist?

Is it not curious that this blaze started the day Arthur Morgan removed his security? Give it a rest love- I did not just fall off the turnip truck. I am 46 years old and far too old in the tooth to have the wool pulled down over my eyes – p*ss off. While the fire could have very easily started by itself through the known household waste decomposing releasing methane gas… it is my opinion that Morgan had something directly to do with this. I am allowed to have an opinion and I will state it publicly – please or offend Mr. Morgan.

Isn’t it odd that the EA said it was o.k. to dig on site with regards to removing Blakely’s rubbish that the council o.k’d to come from Wiggan and yet it has been Mr. Morgan who has been digging up his land at night… why? Whassup?

Yes, my IP address has been banned from Indymedia uk… and? give a flying f***;  if that’s how they want to be- they have marked their card with me.

Yes my comments regarding the truth of Oswaldtwistle have been continuously removed from comments on local media sites without me using any foul language or naming any names – and? give a flying f*** again. It only proves to me that Mr. Arthur Morgan, whom owns the land, has quite a few friends desperately trying to cover his tracks and shut me up – no chance mate.

Mr. Morgan – you have two chances – fat chance and no chance; you have two hopes – Bob Hope and no hope. I will not shut up.

My mum, God rest her soul, was a true lady and a Kentish lass. Unlike myself, she never swore – not one word and she always stuck up for the oppressed and the poor; but most of all, she taught me to speak out and speak up when something is wrong and not to turn a blind eye.

I know who I am, and I really don’t give a sh*t how people perceive me. I am me and that is not gonna change anytime soon.

The Hyndburn Council, the Lancashire Council, Blakely’s and T. Carwley’s companies and Mr. Arthur Morgan are bang out of order and they know it – SO DO I AND MANY OTHERS WHO WILL STAND STRONG TOGETHER AGAINST YOU SEEKING JUSTICE FOR THE CHILDREN OF THIS SMALL COMMUNITY – OSWALDTWISTLE.

So do your best boys to stitchImageme up for arson and I promise this – YOU WILL NOT SUCCEED. The truth is always my side. Bollocks to the corrupt bloody lot of you – JUSTICE WILL PREVAIL – THE TRUTH IS COMING TO LIGHT :O) (U no f*kcy me long time) XOX


Charity Sweet

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  1. catherine · · Reply

    keep up the hard slog, your mum sounds like an amazing role model she would be proud of you xx

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