Steve Molyneux, Environment Manager for the ENVIRON”MENTAL” AGENCY – have you lost the plot?

press release Toxic Chemical Catastrophe Happening In Lancashire part 2

Whose idea of protecting the environment?

charity sweet | 01.08.2012 03:53 | Ecology | Repression | Social Struggles | South Coast | World

Blakeleys Waste
Hi everyonePlease see our latest statement below:“Also, as at present Arthur Morgan has not yet agreed to allow access to the site for the operation to begin tomorrow. He has requested further information, which has been supplied this afternoon. Despite this he has yet to give permission for Blakeley’s to access the site. Therefore, at present we cannot begin the clearance tomorrow as planned until Mr Morgan removes his objections.”
Stephen Blakeley, managing director at Blakeley’s Waste Management, said: “Despite receiving approval from Hyndburn Borough Council and the Environment Agency that we can begin to start removing waste from Oswaldtwistle waste site, the land owner Arthur Morgan of AMCIS has unfortunately applied a restriction of access, which prevents us from getting on to the site to start the clearance before 8am. This reduces the time we can operate during the day and will therefore lengthen the time it takes us to remove the bales.

EA 27/7/2012 “Steve Molyneux, Environment Manager for the Environment Agency said, “We are pleased that we have been able to find a solution to the problems in Oswaldtwistle.””

31/07/2012… on about only the flies “They are working with the operators to ensure that the fly problem is resolved as soon as possible. Anyone who is concerned about flies please call Hyndburn Council on 01254 388 111… and going to turn the brook luminous green? O.K. ” If you are in the area you may notice the water in Lottice Brook change to a luminous green colour. This is expected and there is no need to report this to our incident hotline.”… ” plan for the removal of the waste from Blakeleys Waste Management limited. The plan covers how the waste is to be removed, how it is to be transported, how pest control will be managed and details of where the waste is to be sent for disposal. We have agreed the plan in principle and will ensure that the removal of waste is done safely, with minimal distruption to your community. The plan states that waste can start to be removed from the site from Wednesday 1 August.”

The EA has approved another dig into the soil of chemically contaminated land AGAIN and has given the green light to remove chemically contaminated unknown waste?


The community is very aware of the fly problem and more concerned about the rat problem and even more concerned about the chemical contamination problem of the land and water AND NOW THE RUBBISH YOU INTEND TO MOVE and even more concerned that you don’t apparently share those airborn toxic communities concerns. PLEASE PROVIDE THE COMMUNITY THE COMPLETE UN-EDITED PLAN OF ACTION REGARDING NOOK LANE TOXIC CHEMICAL CONTAMINATION INCLUDING AND SHOWING ALL PARTIES INVOLVED IN THAT DECISION MAKING PROCESS OF WHICH THE COMMUNITY WAS APPARENTLY NOT A PARTY TO; THE OSWALDTWISTLE COMMUNITY HAS A RIGHT TO KNOW. THANK YOU.

charity sweet

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