something very dodgy is going on in Oswaldtwistle….. notice the blue building that marks the spot – war chemicals present


Never mind the bollocks? never mind the flies... it's the unearthed chemicals of war we need to be seriously discussing,

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Blaze at controversial Oswaldtwistle waste dump

8:30am Thursday 2nd August 2012 in Oswaldtwistle Photograph of the Author By Catherine Pye, Health reporter

A BLAZE has broken out at a controversial rubbish dump in Oswaldtwistle.

Fire crews were called to the former Nipa Laboratories site in Nook Lane at 2.15am, and are still at the scene.

A spokesman for the Darwen crew that left the scene at 6am said: “When we got there, there were about 50 bales of waste well alight, and we managed to stop it spreading. There must be 500 to 1,000 other bags and bales up there.

“The main concern though was the water run-off from us tackling the fire. We didn’t want contaminated water entering the nearby brook.”

Officers from the Environment Agency are also on the scene to assess the sitaution this morning.

The site has hit the headlines in the past weeks after 400 local residents claimed their lives were being made a misery by a plague of flies coming from the illegally dumped waste.

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8:37am Thu 2 Aug 12

Twicki1 says…

So yesterday the owners refuse the Environment Agency access to the site and then there is a fire. Anyone would think someone didn’t want people knowing what was being dumped there

8:42am Thu 2 Aug 12

useyourhead says…

Twicki1 wrote:
So yesterday the owners refuse the Environment Agency access to the site and then there is a fire. Anyone would think someone didn’t want people knowing what was being dumped there

I would have thought the environment agency didn’t need permission if a threat was evident! I had dealings with them a few years ago via work and they thought there was an oil leak from our premises. I am sure they said it was only a courtesy that they asked to inspect as they could anyway.

9:24am Thu 2 Aug 12

alf-abett says…

Well! whatever the reason for the fire it sure has hell got the relevant departments involved and may even force the Police to take a keener interest.Whoever started the fire did it with no consideration shown for the environmental issues or the people living within the affected area. I sincerely hope they catch the person/s responsible and administer some serious punishment. “I don’t think so”

9:43am Thu 2 Aug 12

chairman2008 says…

Twicki1 wrote:
So yesterday the owners refuse the Environment Agency access to the site and then there is a fire. Anyone would think someone didn’t want people knowing what was being dumped thereThe saga continues with this “Hospital Waste” about time it was cleared and incinerated and then let the prosecutions commence. Step up to the mark please Hyndburn Council and the Enviroment Agency before we have a major outbreak of desease.Here are some examples of some of our successful prosecutions:Longest ever jail sentence for waste crime
An unrepentant organised crime boss has been jailed for four years for running a massive illegal waste site comprising of over 65,000 tonnes of waste near Reading and laundering millions of pounds of profits.Illegal waste site owner jailed with a forfeit of almost £700,000
The owner of a vehicle breakers yard operating illegally without an environmental permit has been sent to prison for two and a quarter years.
(information taken from Enviroment agency website)Catch the Law Breakers

10:53am Thu 2 Aug 12

woolywords says…

As restrictions are imposed on the size and number of landfill sites around the country are tightened, we can expect to see more of these recycling or industrial waste storage facilities being created. Thus it would be an ideal opportunity for local councils to tighten up on the permits that are issued. For instance, when a proposed site is set up, a limit on both the volume and time that any quantity is stored on site, with a review written into the permit. The permit should also include a fixed period of time for clearance of the site, should any permit holder fail to comply, also a per diem penalty that would offset any cost of council removal. The land owner and the permit holder should be one and the same, so as to avoid the farcical situation that exists on the former
Nipa site. Any site should be inspected to make sure that all drains are not fed into any local water course, thus reducing the risk of further environmental damage.
Although it seems like common sense, you’d be amazed how often a ‘carte blanch’ permit is gifted to incompetent landowners, with the council having to make good any damage done.
Time to take a fresh look at this, before it gets out of hand, as it surely will. You are so warned of the impending troubles ahead.

1:44pm Thu 2 Aug 12

jack01 says…

Remarkable! All that rubbish just sets on fire by itself in the middle of the night! How much more until the police investigate what is happening and take action against those responsible?

7:14am Fri 3 Aug 12

alf-abett says…

My wife and I were seriously considering moving back to Ossie from our present location but this is scaring the crap out of us, no way will we return even if the property we have our eye on drops its price and I am sure there will be more with a similar way of thinking.So Hyndburn Council! is it your intention to kill off (sorry for the unintended pun) and create a ghost town and have the likes of Church suffering even more degradation.Come on you lazy out of touch councillors get your fingers out and start supporting the very people you were elected by and earn your title.

1:25pm Fri 3 Aug 12

mrscharitysweet says…

there was no a warning sign of any kind, no official of any sort present, no cordon, no notice – health warning – hazard sign – nothing.Wiggan council gave this rubbish its notice to leave as was being illegally dumped and why did Hyndburn Council give the green light to move it by Blakely’s into Oswaldtwistle?Eighteen months ago, a member of Oswaldtwistle community complained to the council about large lorries traveling down small lanes at stupid o’clock in the morning. The council explained then that it was merely wind farm equipment being moved for a wind farm that does not presently exist.Eighteen months later and the Ossy community became infested with flies; the same as Wiggan did oddly enough- what was supposed to be only card and plastic turned out to be household rubbish.*** but the difference between Wiggan and Hyndburn is the site at Nook Lane is a well known declared chemically contaminated site***The Cocker chemical plant that had already taken local life from its employee who constantly suffered with chest infections and the community that developed ms and leukemia, was closed in 2006 and declared a contaminated site.When some of the buildings were demolished, the surrounding concrete was left remaining to act as a safety mechanism and it was agreed the land should not be disturbed for at least twenty years. Hyndburn Council forgot?

Hyndburn council decided to build a nature reserve surrounding an extremely dangerous toxic site. The idiots at Blakely’s decided it was a good idea to dig some very big 40 foot holes to bury the rubbish and have unleashed the smell of TCP back into the community 6 years after the plant has closed – all to save a buck.

After interviewing the Environmental Agency on site, it was explained that the fire service had been in regular attendence to see whats what and has expressly stated their men would not go near that black pit of **** which means it must be an extreme hazard to life as nothing stops firemen and women from saving life.

When asked, the EA said they would not be testing the black pit as ‘they’ know whats in it and are taking water samples from the stream only to “appease the public”. The public does not know whats in that pit but the EA and the council does. They knew long before the holes began to be dug on a chemical factories condemned contaminated toxic site where mine shafts also run beneath.

I would say its a bit of an ecological catastrophe and a potential disaster waiting to happen to be perfectly honest.

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