press release: Toxic Chemical Catastrophe Happening In Oswaldtwistle, Lancashire part 1

there was no a warning sign of any kind, no official of any sort present, no cordon, no notice – health warning – hazard sign – nothing.Wiggan council gave this rubbish its notice to leave as was being illegally dumped and why did Hyndburn Council give the green light to move it by Blakely’s into Oswaldtwistle?Eighteen months ago, a member of Oswaldtwistle community complained to the council about large lorries traveling down small lanes at stupid o’clock in the morning. The council explained then that it was merely wind farm equipment being moved for a wind farm that does not presently exist.Eighteen months later and the Ossy community became infested with flies; the same as Wiggan did oddly enough- what was supposed to be only card and plastic turned out to be household rubbish.

*** but the difference between Wiggan and Hyndburn is the site at Nook Lane is a well known declared chemically contaminated site***

The Cocker chemical plant that had already taken local life from its employee who constantly suffered with chest infections and the community that developed ms and leukemia, was closed in 2006 and declared a contaminated site.

When some of the buildings were demolished, the surrounding concrete was left remaining to act as a safety mechanism and it was agreed the land should not be disturbed for at least twenty years. Hyndburn Council forgot?

Hyndburn council decided to build a nature reserve surrounding an extremely dangerous toxic site. The idiots at Blakely’s decided it was a good idea to dig some very big 40 foot holes to bury the rubbish and have unleashed the smell of TCP back into the community 6 years after the plant has closed – all to save a buck.

After interviewing the Environmental Agency on site, it was explained that the fire service had been in regular attendence to see whats what and has expressly stated their men would not go near that black pit of shite which means it must be an extreme hazard to life as nothing stops firemen and women from saving life.

When asked, the EA said they would not be testing the black pit as ‘they’ know whats in it and are taking water samples from the stream only to “appease the public”. The public does not know whats in that pit but the EA and the council does. They knew long before the holes began to be dug on a chemical factories condemned contaminated toxic site where mine shafts also run beneath.

I would say its a bit of an ecological catastrophe and a potential disaster waiting to happen to be perfectly honest.

1. why is the council only concerned with the flies and not the hazardous toxins now unearthed to the point they can be smelt? TCP anyone?
2. why has the ea not properly placed notices and took precautions to warn the public when there are many ways onto the sight from all directions? they don’t want to openly or honestly or publicly admit there is a very serious problem goin on beyond the fly infestation?
3. why is the local media also siging the council tune and only concerned with the flies?
4. why is it the ea only put the fly catchers on site instead of testing the land for chemical seepage into the soil?
4. why has ea not tested that black pit and provided public with results or the other three large pools of god only knoes what?
5. now the ossy locals have junped up and down regarding the massive fly infestation that has spread for miles, why is the council trying to move the over 50,000 tonnes of household rubbish to the next councils site that has also given the green light withoput anwering any questions about who what where when why?
6. why is possible legal proceedings pending a reason not to protect public safety immediately?
7 wtf?

charity sweet

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