Ossy waste dump ablaze and someone is praising arson??? Bless the brave firemen x

is this an admission of guilt?lancashiretelegraph.co.uk/news/hyndburn/oswaldtwistle/9851688.Blaze_at_controversial_Oswaldtwistle_waste_dump/?action=success
please read the middle comment praising???? arson … have reported it to telegraph and suggested they give twats details to police… idiots bragging no doubt as june said they would xxx
jack01 says…
1:44pm Thu 2 Aug 12
Remarkable! All that rubbish just sets on fire by itself in the middle of the night! How much more until the police investigate what is happening and take action against those responsible?

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Jud… says…
3:55am Fri 3 Aug 12
Whats wrong with burning it? the environment will suffer an unnoticeable amount and these irritating AIDS smeared insects wont endanger anyone’s health anymore. Praise the arsonist 🙂

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mrscharitysweet says…
3:55am Fri 3 Aug 12
there was no a warning sign of any kind, no official of any sort present, no cordon, no notice – health warning – hazard sign – nothing.

Blaze at controversial Oswaldtwistle waste dump


A BLAZE has broken out at a controversial rubbish dump in Oswaldtwistle.Image

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