Attention: Hyndburn Council – LIAR LIAR PANTS ON FIRE

Peter Brickcliff that sh*t on Nook lane is now on fire – a toxic chemical catastrophe and contaminated mess that you chose for you publicity shot.

Will you be going up there tonight for another photo opportunity you go along to get along brown envelope tauting son of a bitch?

Jail the b*st*rd and every corrupt official involved. Now the fire fighters are putting their lives at risk cuz you and ur mates that all piss in the same pot don’t give a flying f*ck about the community of Oswaldtwistle. Get out your bed you lazy pr*ck and pretend like you give a sh*t. Take another photo in front of the disaster that you and your mates created for the community… you belong in jail you stupid simple b*sta*ds – the bloody lot of you do.

Ur mate form lanc council working with you, that greedy pr*ck landlord, Blakely who put that sh*t there illegally and let’s be honest cuz we are all big people – the b*st*rd lot of you knew exactly what you were doing because you had already gotten away with it so many times before over the years. c***s. I am positively fuming. Dear Steve head of Environment Agency turning a blind eye aint testing for sh*t cause its your job to conceal the truth- get ur lyin lazy ass out of bed too. Heads are gonna be rolling very very soon cause ur a bunch of muppets that ain’t got a clue how to do your job right. Forget being fired – you all need to be jailed -the b*st*rd bloody lot of you. Look at what you have caused and the suffering you have brought to those who employ you and pay your wages.

Hyndburn Council – LIAR LIAR PANTS ON FIRE

Peter: If you can easily lie about the little things in life for your own self-promoting publicity shots, promoting yourself for re-election, I imagine lying about the big stuff would come just as easy, if not easier.

Personally, I don’t like or trust liars of any kind. Someone who lies in order to create the facade that they are ‘seen to be doing something’ when they really just came for the publicity shot, cannot be compared to those who are actually ‘doing all that they can’ without any need to lie.

Seems like peter peter pumpkin eater wanted to give the false impression that he was on site earlier than he actually was.Why lie? Why not just say what time you actually went to go do your publicity shot to try and convince the Oswaldtwistle community that you deserve re-election.Were you trying to give the false appearance that you were up with the birds and on site like June, a honest amazing member of the Ossy community that is doing her damndest to sort the mess you want to take your publicity pictures with? Ur an asshole.In contrast – June Smithwould be a far greater asset to the community as a counselor than the pair of you put together could ever hope to be. Maybe it’s time for you and Clare to step down and step aside.June deserves and has done far more than you have ergo she deserves both your paychecks for all she has done for the community while you seem to be undermining her for reasons I fail to understand. Are you jealous that the community thinks so much of her for all her many efforts and felt you needed a publicity shot to put you in the frame and on a par with her? No chance mate – not a very smart move on either of your part.

And I don’t like the look of you much either Clare. You don’t look a trustworthy person and you stretched the truth because Peter asked you to or did you just embellish the truth and stretch the truth all by yourself?

Your picture looks like the two stooges to me. Tweedle dum and tweedle dummer.

Is that what Hyndburn Coucil does? Is that how you lot operate? Apparently and rather obviously now.

Lia Liar pants on fire. Seen to be doing nothing.

Clare Pritchard
This was taken this morning on the site at 8.30
“That’s a lie Clare and Peter” – Charity Sweet

A: we never saw you and we dint leave untill 8.50 and they had only just opened the barrier, was back up there for about 10am and the first two wagons had just left ….8.30??
• A: There was no support what so ever at 8.30 this morning, just me, my son and a friend we did not leave untill the wagons and vans started to move up the lane, the guy with the key for the barrier did not show up untill 8.45 i was there from 7.30 and the wagons were waiting to go to site but could not get past the barrier
• B: Yeah i was with you June so this is true.. we was there from half 7 till around 10 to 9 xx
• C: Clare,why have you posted this photo.? it doesnt really have any meaning to it.
• Clare Pritchard I posted this because Peter asked me to as he couldn’t access Facebook from his mobile

There is a mile of difference between doing something that actually matters and BEING SEEN TO DO SOMETHING – nothing at all.


The picture Clare Pritchard has put on could not have been taken at 8.30 as stated, i was there from 7.30 and there were no sign of Peter or Clare when we left at 8.50. Im annoyed they say they were there when no support was given, i was on talking to someone at radio lancs b4 8am there was one council guy came about 8.15 and he said if the guy with the key for the barrier had not arrived by 9am they were going to break the lock

1 August at 12:40

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